Monday, April 14, 2014


Today is the first day of our ABC challenge! I'm so excited to do this, I need help staying on track!

A is for a little boy, underneath an APPLE tree!

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Our photography group had a GREEN challenge for the week.. I couldn't pick just one!

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Today we spent the day at my nephew's karate tournament! It was so fun to watch him so focused. He placed third in the sparring! So proud of you little man!

Friday, April 11, 2014


Tess came over with asparagus in hand, and we created this lovely lunch from skinny taste. It was a to die for lunch. If you've never looked at her website, I suggest doing so. I love so many recipes from her. You can find the one we made today here!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I shot this through my window, hopefully I can snap a better one, outside, in the coming days!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


We woke up with some tummy troubles in our house today! This guy fell fast asleep this afternoon, which never happens. Naps are a huge pain in the you know what around here, so we gave them up a long time ago!

(I may have painted his toes, but only cause he asked....yes I had to get proof!)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014


We got to take off the original bandage and see what the cut and stitches looked like! He wasn't too impressed with me wanting a photo of it!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Today we celebrated Cyrus' 4th Birthday with our family and friends! A big thank you to everyone who came to celebrate our little man!

(I didn't take these, just edited, photo credit goes to Tess Rollins!) 

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Cyrus got his first really horrible boo boo today! For his birthday we got him his own cutting board and knife, we showed him safe chopping, how to handle, told him the rules that he wasn't allowed to use it without parental supervision, etc. Now to the story, again, prepping for his birthday party, I was all over the place, and left the knife down on the table, and went into the kitchen to start something else. He decided to pick it up and try chopping pretzels. Not smart, at all. Now he's paying for it. We spent from 5:26 until 8:42 in the emergency room. He received 7 stitches! He was such a trooper. He only cried for a brief second while they pumped his finger full of liquids to open the cut, so they could wash it, and stitch! The doctor who stitched him up was fabulous with him, and was so amazed at how well he handled things! He also commented on how good our parenting was because he fully trusted us, and remained calm, told us to keep up the good work, never mentioning the knife being left down. Cyrus is pretty excited to show his pediatrician in 10 days. Oh, boys!

Friday, April 4, 2014


No photo today, I didn't even think about picking up the camera! I was supposed to participate in my photography group's self portrait assignment, sadly the week got the best of me! I've been prepping for Cyrus' Frozen birthday party on Sunday. Tonight Tess and I strung cotton balls for two hours to decorate the windows..

I did however make these in photoshop for the party...

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Today we went for Cyrus' four year check up. He had two shots, what a way to celebrate being four! No tears for this tough guy, though! He's 42.5 inches tall, and 38.7 pounds! Growing like a weed!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Cyrus, today, you are four years old. Its hard to believe its been 1,460 days since I first laid eyes on you! Sometimes the days are long, but the years are fast, or at least they have been! I'm so proud to call you my son! You are so bright, handsome, kind, helpful, giving, loving, wild, strong willed, and happy. You have your days, like all of us, but mostly you light up my world like nothing I've ever known! Your stubbornness is something I love about you, even when I say I hate it. Its wonderful to know that you know EXACTLY what you want, and won't give up until you achieve the results YOU want! I hope you never lose that trait.

You are so helpful, anytime you see me doing something you jump right in to lend a hand, even when I say I'm all set. You love doing dishes, pouring the laundry soap into the dispenser and turning it on (at least I know you'll be a man who knows how to do laundry, don't say I never taught you, I have this post to prove you wrong!), your favorite thing to do is throw the laundry from the washer into the dryer- you think its a very fun game. You love vacuuming, and spraying everything with lysol. I really hope you'll always be helpful, although I'm thinking your teenage years may be a tad different.

Outside is your favorite place to be. You'd sleep out there if I allowed it! Your at peace when you are outside, its like a sanctuary for you. You notice things like the shape of leaves, to the glistening micah in rocks.

TV sometimes gets the best of you. You're absolutely obsessed with Caillou (still, always have been), Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Mickey Mouse most of all! You are obsessed with Frozen, the movie, and we've planned one spectacular party for you! You really wanted to be Princess Anna at your party, but changed your mine and decided to just be YOU! I hope nobody ever makes you feel like you can't do what you feel is right, even if that means you wearing a princess dress. Don't let others influence you into thinking your wrong, for wanting to try out something new. Unless that something new isn't healthy, like drugs or under age drinking. Be smart in your choices, please!

You love wearing mismatch socks, I swear its just to drive me nuts! You hate underwear (I don't blame you!), but its just something in life that you have to do! Actually all in all you still hate strip down the moment we walk through the door- it drives Daddy bonkers. We really need to work on this! You always say you cannot wait for warmer weather so you can wear less and less clothes. I hope you don't move far away and become a nudist. ;o)

Your favorite color is safety yellow, read that again, not just yellow, SAFETY yellow! You will make sure people understand that, it cracks me up! Your favorite song right now is Let it Go from the Frozen movie. Your favorite thing to eat is mac&cheese! Your favorite ice cream is mint chip, and you love hot fudge! Your favorite book to read is Frog&Toad adventures. You absolutely LOVE doing look&find books, you can't get enough, we have 6, and you just got the Frozen one today and I'm pretty certain you already have that one memorized!

You adore all of our animals, especially Grey! They really do put up with a lot from you! You say you're going to be a doctor when you grow up, but perhaps you'll be a veterinarian? I hope you'll be a photographer... ;o)

You can write your name really well these days, and can identify pretty much all the letters when you see them. You've also surprised me with your ability to identify numbers! I wouldn't be surprised if you started understanding the things Daddy and I spell to one another when we don't want you to hear, okay maybe I'd be a little surprised if you understood. I'm telling you, you are one smart cookie! I hope you love school, and learning! Its important to learn, remember that. There is always, and I mean always something to learn!

You keep telling me how much you want to go to Disney.We'll start saving our pennies, I've never been and can't wait to share that experience with you.

You will probably end up being an only child, and honestly I'm really okay with that. I love it just being you, and give I hope when you're older you will be okay with it too. Although some days I feel like we're making the wrong choice by not giving you siblings, because after all, family is everything. You will always have us, and I hope you always come to us in times of need, happiness, sadness, fear, really any time!

I can't wait to see what you accomplish in this next year of your life. We love you to the moon and back, and hope you know just how much you really are loved, by everyone in your life!

Happy FOURTH Birthday, Cyrus Jay!