Friday, January 29, 2016


Hey all! Hope you had a wonderful week!

We had a very realizing weekend, I actually plopped my butt on the couch and had a netflix day, while the boys had an ice fishing day...Wait until you see the monster fish, Cyrus caught. Holy Moly! We explored the woods on Sunday, and it was beautiful!

Monday, Tess and I had a super fun coffee date. I'd been swooning all over these couple shoots at coffee shots, NOOO we're not a couple, however I knew Jay would NEVER go for that idea...So you know, you call in your friend on those times. Plus I mean, who doesn't want/need friend photos every now and then? Go to it with your friends, I promise you'll have a blast and it won't be as silly as you think it will be!

Tuesday Tess and I ventured on a walk, and then I died. No, not from exercise, hah....but from the lovely stomach bug...So I've been down for the count the rest of the week!

So you get what you get. Hope your week was better than mine! ;)

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