Friday, January 22, 2016


Friday Cyrus brought me home a little bundle of roses, (they died the next day, not sure what was up with that- but it let me continue my love affair with dramatic light pockets!) ;)

We started our weekend with a little snow storm! It was the perfect snow man snow...woohoo, its about time, winter! Within hours, it started to warm up, and melt away...the melting was so, so beautiful!

Cyrus and Daddy spent their Sunday at the mountain, snowboarding, mastering that beginner hill. Jay was so excited to report he thinks he's ready for bigger and better things! Go Cyrus, we're so proud of you!

Monday was Martin Luther King Day, so Cyrus was home from school (yay!) We spent the morning using the tube run Daddy built, and shoveling out from another mini storm! Love when he has extra days at home!

Tuesday Cyrus came down with a heartbreaking fever, it pains me to watch him be sick, but I must admit the cuddles are few and far between these days, so I am happy to get them in any form! Snuggles and pops continued on Wednesday, as his temp climbed and dropped all day long. Poor little guy!

Thursday, Cyrus finally lost his wiggly top tooth! Where is my baby going? This is not fair! Time, please, please, slow down! I also forgot how nice it was to have him home, and just photograph him in the moment!

Sorry for the Cyrus overload this week, he didn't put up a fight, so I took advantage of it! ;)

Hope you all had a fabulous week! Till next week!

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