Friday, January 8, 2016


Happy New Year!

I'm some kind of crazy, but you know thats why you all love me so. Here goes a project 52, I mean I failed miserably last year on my 365, but you never know I may be successful with this. I mean I don't HAVE to shoot every day, and edit and post. Phew! I got this. Right?

I am saddened by the lack of photos I have of my family from the past year. They were so done always be documented, and frankly I was burnt out. You know what? Thats okay! This year I am shooting for ME. I'll do my best to not lose my self in the comparison game and think horrible, degrading thoughts of my self, and I'll push forward and do ME! I may not be everyone's cup of tea, and at the end of the day that is OKAY! Not everyone is my cup of tea, so there! Some weeks may have more photos than other weeks, and again that is OKAY!

We rang in the new year just us, at home, and its perfect that way. We usually have a bonfire, and say good bye to our chirstmas tree, but we didn't have enough brush this year. Oh well...hopefully next year as I LOVE that tradition!

We started our new year with a walk in the woods, the boys on their snowshoes- Mama still needs some guys..... Thats okay, I toted my camera and captured some fun stuff! That evening we went to the Rollins family humble abode to have a bonfire, and maybe a glass or two of wine! Much needed night out, we've been so wrapped up in everyday life, friends are slipping through the cracks, and thats not okay. Life shouldn't be that busy! Thats definitely a goal this year, be more present!

Then we dismantled our christmas tree, cleaned up the chaos, and packed it away until next year. All while Jay was fixing our bathroom sink, because you know what better way to start the new year then a cracked pipe! ;) That afternoon Jay met his Uncle to get a board and boots for Cyrus to borrow for the season, so he could teach him something he is so passionate about. Snowboarding! I must say, that kid is a natural. It was such a blessing to watch those two bond over this. He gets his skills from his Dad, clearly. Maybe one day a part of me will shine bright from within him.....hopefully!

We're back at school, into the daily grind and I am kicking butt in my weight loss group, while wearing awesome lularoe leggings with my lovely oily ladies and gents! Thank you, Young Living for amazing products, friendships all over the world, and hope!

So here's to 2016! How'd yours start? What are you looking forward to?

I'm looking forward to this blog, and being able to come back and read all the silly little things that happen in a year!

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