Friday, January 15, 2016


Diet? What diet? I may or may not have started this week with a potato wedges recipe....Shhh, don't tell my weight loss group. In all honesty they weren't even worth breaking the diet for. Too bad, so sad!

Saturday we awoke to a fresh blanket of snow, and miraculously everything was beautiful in the world once again! We kicked off our weekend with the first ice fishing trip of the year! It was actually my first time every joining them! They headed out earlier than I did, so they could get the holes drilled, and well you know that weight loss challenge i keep yapping about? Yeah well I walked to the pond we were going to I could get my steps in. Go me! I am actually very proud of my motivation, will power and leadership! We caught two fish, perfect addition to our seafood chowder that night! Thanks boys! It surely was a blast, not sure why I've waited so long to join them! That afternoon Cyrus set up a concert in his bedroom for me to attend, with my favorite food (buffalo tenders) and him as the musician, it was too cute. He covered baa baa black sheep, and Steve Miller The Joker, and then sang his originals! I hope I remember it forever! Sunday the weather was awful, and I felt awful as well so it was a perfect day for relaxing, and just hanging out, so thats what we did. How did you spend your weekend?

This week has been crazy, just not feeling like myself. I did a lot of thinking, and just being with myself. It was just what I needed.

I created some pretty images, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. We danced and goofed off in the snow together, and at the end of the day, they're all I need.

We celebrated owning our house for 6 years. What a feat, a long tiring, expensive one at that, it may not look like much to others but its ours, and our home is filled with so much love, laughter and memories so it is everything in our eyes! Thankful for my hard working guy, who has provided all of this for us!

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