Thursday, January 15, 2015


I knew my light would be gone soon, so I told Cyrus to bundle up to play outside, while I walked our yard for the millionth time to look for something to photograph.

I was photographing some pine branches, all minimalist like (lets face it, I'm beginning to struggle with this 365, yes, already), when all of sudden I am smacked in the back with a snowball, and all I can hear is the roar of a belly laugh. I slowly turned around, not impressed, and there he was ready and aiming for my camera. I gave him the death glare, he released his snow ball, I moved out of the battle zone and bam there he fell right into the snow. He stood up, only to realize his jacket and pants had filled with snow.  Karma, Cyrus, karma!

You can laugh, cause I am!

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