Friday, June 6, 2014


Today we left for my birthday weekend. It was a surprise to me! Jay made reservations at a cottage, within walking distance to a private beach! We arrived late afternoon. Cyrus played in the cold, cold ocean, I snapped away, and enjoyed the peacefulness of the crashing waves. We went back to the cottage to eat, then went back to the ocean for more fun, and got lucky and caught the end of the sunset. Perfect night with my family!



  1. I really want a copy of the 1 of you and Cy! I love love love it... Those trees, that lil bum, and his smile all great captures

  2. What a nice surprise! We went away for the weekend too, for our anniversary. We went to the Cape and couldn't keep my daughter out of the freezing water, she loved it. Cyrus looks like such a happy kid in all your photos.