Sunday, June 8, 2014


Today we woke up to watch the sunrise. Yes our day started at 4am, a little crazy but it was worth it. We had the beach to ourselves, and just enjoyed the sparkling water, and golden lighting! Then we headed back to our cottage for breakfast, and went to the Rachel Carson Refuge, where we saw many flocks of geese, some goslings, shore birds and two DEER! We walked the mile trail, and decided to hit the road home. Cyrus was EXHAUSTED. He fell asleep, so we decided we'd visit Nubble Light, lighthouse in York, after his cat nap. Then we stopped at Kittery Trading post, and hit the highway home. We had dinner at my Dad's for my birthday, and he gave me a huge patio sunflower, with 5 stalks. CANNOT wait for them to bloom! I just love sunflowers!


  1. These are all soo stunning!!! The 1 of the 3 of you, & cy on the log are my favorite... That coffee cup 1 is great too

  2. So nice to have the beach to yourself! I love the one of Cyrus jumping off the log!

  3. I love these!! Especially the middle 2 with the logs...the one of him balancing is awesome! Great shots.