Sunday, July 13, 2014


It all started on instagram, it was around 11 pm if I remember correctly! Erica posted a picture of her ultrasound, and I asked if we could do a gender reveal! ((I've always wanted to do one!)) She replied with, we are keeping it a secret but how about my birth with a winky face! I don't think she ever thought I would reply with, YES, PLEASE! That's my DREAM!

Months went by and its all I could think about!

I was scared, nervous, but most of all beyond excited!! I didn't even tell people in fear it would jinx it. We  chatted off and on, and talked about all scenarios in the months leading up to her due date! That she of course went past, isn't that how it always goes? Thats how it went with me!

In the end, it all happened so perfectly. The nights I laid awake wondering who would watch Cyrus, if JJ would have to miss work, if it would happen in the middle of night, if I'd be able to find care for Cyrus, if I would have enough space on my memory cards, if my battery would die during the delivery and so many other things. In the end it was just fear, I needed to put it somewhere and it was in mind when I couldn't sleep. It was a waste. While I definitely learned some things I could do differently, I couldn't have asked for a better first birth experience to photograph. They were an amazing couple, who could rule the world together. She was so strong, and rocked this birth! I only hope if I ever get a second chance, mine is half of what hers was. She promises to come visit me while I labor, and talk to me to distract me! She went from laughing, and chatting with me to a trip to the bathroom and when she walked out she was in active labor. Their sweet baby girl was born within the hour! I stayed for quite a few hours after to capture the skin to skin, first breast feeding, weight and measurements, Daddy holding his little girl, to big brother and grandparents meeting her!

It was AMAZING. I'm beyond thankful they included me in this memory of a lifetime. I hope they cherish these pictures forever!

Congratulations, Erica and Ryan!


  1. I am so incredibly proud of you!!!! You nailed this birth, just as I knew you would :) I love that your dreams are coming true. No one deserves it more

  2. Wow, Miranda, you did great!! Some amazing pictures. My friend had asked me to do hers (if the timing worked out) but she ended up being born in the middle of the night, so I took hospital pictures that morning instead. The actual birth must be so amazing! I think I would have been just as nervous, but you did so awesome. :) Lucky friend to get those great shots!

  3. This is really fantastic!! You are so my country it's not allowed to take pictures during a labor (except from your husband)'s not allowed to have anyone in the room except your husband and they don't let you have a home birth...You did a fantastic job!!