Wednesday, July 23, 2014


A few days ago as I was browsing Facebook, I saw many articles about a little boy asking for cards for his birthday. I clicked on one of the articles and up popped a cute little boy, who has an inoperable brain tumor, my heart sank in my chest. I felt so incredibly sad for him and his parents. I can't even bring myself to imagine if it was us to receive this diagnosis. Anyway, I spent the evening talking to JJ and Cyrus about how all this little boy wanted was a mailbox full of cards, and both of them responded well I guess we'll be sending him one. My heart was so full that they too wanted to participate in making his dream come true!

Today, after Cyrus' swim lessons we headed to the store. It took Cyrus 20 minutes to choose the perfect card for Danny! He couldn't wait to get home and draw him a picture!

Danny Nickerson, we hope you enjoy the cat doing a wheelie card, and Happy Birthday to you, on Friday!

You can read more about his story HERE! 

Will you join Cyrus, and send him a card too? ((If you do not have the funds for a card, I believe Shutterfly is allowing you to design a card for just the cost of shipping using promo code CARDS4DANNY)) 

His address is in the link above, but for those who did not click, it is...
Danny Nickerson
P.O. Box 212
Foxborough, MA

We are off to the post office to mail it! 


  1. Love how you captured this amazing moment!! You totally inspired us to send a card also.. Your a great mom raising a great son who will become an even better man because of the kindness you are instilling in him! Love you

  2. You and Cyrus are so sweet and thoughtful!!

  3. I agree...what a great mama you are! This is so precious and I love how you really captured the moment. Beautiful job mama and photographer!