Saturday, August 2, 2014


Jay and I went on a penny date this evening. A penny date, you ask? I know, sounds cheap! Actually we were just trying to be spontaneous! I had Jay pick a number between 10-20. He chose 13. Heads meant left, and tails meant right! There was no straight! So we started in our driveway, flipped the penny, and it told us which direction to head {left!}. We did that again at every fork or stop sign for THIRTEEN times, until the last sent us to our final destination.

Now the funny part, Jay, really wanted to go to our usual restaurant, and I said lets try something new, and that's where the penny date came into play. No joke, we drove all over NH, into Mass and back into NH, leading us to OUR restaurant. Apparently I should have just listened to him because we were supposed to go there. All in all we had a very scenic, long drive and a good dinner. I'd say great, but we've been going there for eight years and last fall they took my favorite dish off the menu. If the chef can, he will make it for me when we go, but tonight it was a no go. I was a bit disappointed. Perhaps the next time we try a penny date we will be led somewhere new. Will you try it?

{Sorry for the cell phone pictures, thats all you get from me today! At least they're macrofied!}


  1. I love this story!! So happy you shared it with everyone... Its amazing! Also really diggin the penny shots :)

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