Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thankful Days {12/30)

Today I'm thankful for one of my oldest friends. The road we've walked along together has been long, sometimes bumpy, other times flat but its what makes us, US! She's been around for some of the hardest times in my life, and some the most joyous and momentous. She called everyday to check on me while my Dad was hooked to a ventilator, fighting for his life. Listened to me cry when times were tough and I thought I couldn't make it through! This lady made sure I had lilacs on my doorstep, to keep the memory of my mom alive, on her birthday. She was much more than helpful during my horrible week of induction with Cyrus. She listened to my words, and did her best to make my pain go away when Cyrus wasn't positioned correctly inside of me. Her positive words helped me through my feeling of failure when I had to have an emergency Cesarean. She brings me half&half cause she knows I'm junk with out my coffee, and this ass hat always runs out. I wish I could be as positive as she is, I wish I could deal with situations like she does. If she complains, it has to be pretty bad- me, I complain about everything and I'm sure drive her a little crazy with my antics. Since she was an only child, she always tells me I'm the sister she never had, honestly, it makes my heart smile every.single.time... Plus I keep her around cause her Mom makes kick-ass cream cheese frosting, and her Dad is such a lovable man who knows an embarrassing secret about my family that I can't have leaked. Psst, I actually secretly hate her because she's gorgeous without even trying. I'm glad we met those 8 or so years ago, I'm forever changed. Thanks for loving me for me, and putting up with a sarcastic ass of a friend.

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  1. I've now read this several times to myself, read it out loud to Westley and every time my eyes welled up with tears!! I have been so blessed in our friendship and couldn't imagine my life without you! These words mean more to me than you will ever know..