Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thankful Days {6/30}

Today, I'm thankful for our oldest fur baby, Tucker! He may follow me wherever I go, and even has to follow me to the bathroom to watch as I pee, but I love his cute face! He always greets us at the door, with his big smile, and jumps up and wraps his legs around our waist for a great hug! We never seem to disappoint him, as he's always happy to see us. Isn't that the best? If you begin to pat him, especially right between the eyes, and then suddenly stop, he'll knock your arm with his nose until you start again. He snuggles me in bed in the morning until I get up, then his following begins. His whine at the door to be let out, is too cute, although incessant and never ending some days. Most of all I'm thankful he's Cyrus' best friend, and he certainly puts up with more than his fair share of Cyrus-NESS! We love you, Tucker Valentine!

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