Thursday, January 16, 2014


After a long day in the mothering department yesterday, today was much needed! We had a great day today. Coloring, car races, playing on the ice, reading books and lots and lots of snuggles!

I asked him to draw our family today, and this is what I got. Its the best, and I will cherish it for years to come! I'm on the right, looking like I have one awesome mustache, Daddy is in the middle and Cyrus is on the left. The bottom left fat cat is Max, and the little one next to him is Grey, and then Tucker is under my feet, like always! ;o) 


  1. Awe those are the best days, and his picture is a framer for sure! I love when they draw us, it's my favorite :)

  2. They are the best especially after horrible days!! I love how he draws. The magnet to the left of the picture is the first person he ever drew. He was just 2 :)