Thursday, January 23, 2014


Late again, what else is new with me?

I know you've all seen my handsome guy working this week, sorry, but you get to see it again! We had the crane here to take out some pines, a dead beech, and a hemlock down in our front yard.

I was hesitant at first, thinking how much privacy we'd lose but he talked me into and now I can't wait for the hardwood saplings to flourish!

I'm incredibly lucky, and blessed to have a man who works SO hard for his family and provides us with everything we need and most of our wants as well! (Every time I say I want something for my ridiculously expensive hobby, he finds a way to make it happen!! Although I have yet to get the camera bag I've been drooling over, maybe soon! Hint Hint, honey!) I can't show him enough appreciation for being able to be a stay at home Mom for the last almost FOUR years! YIKES, side track but holy crap we're going to have a FOUR year old in April. Time really does fly, no joking! I can't wait for the rest of our lives together, it will be a blast! I love this man with my whole heart and then some!

I had intentions of blogging a different photo for the day, but exhaustion hit me and I was all set with finding something to photograph. This blog is supposed to be our life, and well tree removal was our our life today! ;o)


  1. He really is a great guy, but half the reason he's so great is because he has a great partner to share his life with. You guys are the best <3

  2. I love the first pix!! Great angel and the lighting is super dramatic... Jay is the best and you are both very lucky to have 1another.. Behind every great man is a great woman :)