Sunday, May 11, 2014


Happy Mother's Day!

I never knew unconditional love until I met Cyrus.
I never knew exhaustion until I had Cyrus.
I never knew scribbles on a piece of paper would bring me so much happiness, until Cyrus.
I never truly understood snuggles, until Cyrus.
I never knew puddle jumping could be so much fun until Cyrus splashed me right in the face, and let out the best belly laugh I've ever heard in my life.
I never knew pride, until my eyes took in the one of his best accomplishments. Cyrus learned how to ride a bike on two wheels. NO TRAINING WHEELS!
I never knew there were five words that would make my heart smile like never before. [You are the best, Mom!}
I never thought I would enjoy when my baby had a fever, but I do!
I never knew reading the same book over and over would actually be fun. Until you hear your little one repeat the words he's heard over and over!
I never knew my heart could hurt so much, until my child's feelings were hurt by mean children at the playground.
I never knew the true meaning of "Mommy Goggle's!"
I never knew the power of m&m's until I was a Mom!
I never knew how hard it was to go grocery shopping with kid in tow, sorry for any dirty looks my younger self gave to you.
I never knew strangers could be so kind, until my arms were filled with a very heavy sleeping toddler, and groceries spilled out my arms. They didn't have to leave their spot in line to scan and bag my groceries for me, but they did. All because of you, Cyrus!
I never knew frustration until I was Mom!

Thank you for giving me all these wonderful memories, Cyrus! I'm proud to be your Mom, thanks for teaching me something new each and every day! I love you!

A big thanks to Cyrus' Daddy for capturing these pictures for me!


  1. This made me cry, so beautifully written and so true! These pictures are treasures and I love all of them. You are a wonderful mother, and he is so blessed to have you ❤️

  2. Just, WOW...maybe you guys can be a husband/wife team of photogs!! ;) Love this series!! You two are just so beautiful and handsome together!! And...I too am glad the ABC challenge is over--I'm not that creative! ;)

  3. So beautiful - both the words and pictures! What beautiful shots of you together...truly a treasure to always keep and look back on.

  4. So, so gorgeous!!! That third, I hope you print that huge!

  5. These are stunning!!! Your words made me cry...they are so true:) You two look so beautiful together! :)

  6. Love the words and the beautiful pictures. I need some local photog friends to take some nice ones of me and my boys! Why do you all live so far away??

  7. Youth words are just so beautiful! I love when you write to Cyrus... And JJ totally rocked this photo session!!! What a special mothers day gift :) They are all so beautiful.. I love them all! Please tell Jay I said GREAT JOB