Monday, May 19, 2014


WOOHOO! DAY 200! Only 165 days to go! Hey my other 365ers, give yourself a pat on the back. We're in the home stretch, well sort of!

After a weekend away, our pup was surely missing us! He was so full of it, and couldn't get enough of our snuggles, rubs, and stick chasing with Cyrus!

I'm slightly obsessed with my hanging plant, these fuschias are absolutely gorgeous, and I can't get enough of them. Sorry if you follow me on instagram, I'm sure I'm driving you slightly bonkers.

If its one thing in this world I can't get enough of, its lilacs! A huge part of that is before my Mom died she made a video for us, and in the video she exclaimed that she wasn't leaving us but that she'd always be around us. When the wind blew, knew she was visiting, but most of all when our noses filled with the fragrant smell of lilacs to know she surrounded us. They were her favorites, they are my favorite. Especially when I need my Mom most, I stop and smell the lilacs, or the lilac candles if need be! I cannot wait for ours to bloom, and fill my nose with their sweet smell, until then I'll enjoy each and every one of there delicate buds!


  1. Such a sweet memento of your mom! Love the shots, as always...and your puppy is the CUTEST!!!

  2. That brought tears to my eyes. I can tell you for the years I've read your posts/blogs dated back to myspace (god!) lilacs have always reminded me of your connection with your mom.

    My grandmother often told me my grandpa gave me kisses with gusts of wind, I do believe that's how they reach us. ❤️

  3. That is so sweet about the lilacs! And what a beautiful photo of one! Actually, all of these photos are just beautiful and perfect! I love your sweet little pup and his expression-filled eyes!

  4. This is so sweet! I love lilacs too! There is just something about that scent.

  5. These are so so beautiful! I love the dog photo!! It's so sharp and he is just perfect and beautiful happy dog:) Those flower pictures are dreamy...great colors and beautiful bokeh...