Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I can't get enough of my blooming fuschias, this little boy can't go frog hunting enough. We're so lucky to live next to this beautiful marsh, and be able to see so much wild life!


  1. I love these shots!! Such beautiful nature all around you!

  2. Both photos are great, but that second one is just amazing. I really like the sense of depth created by the oof branch in the foreground, the beautiful backlight rim lighting his hair, that gorgeous sparkly water bokeh, and the movement of the water...fantastic shot!!

  3. I agree with Maria about that off branch...it really gives the sense of depth to the photo! Otherwise, both photos are great!! I really love your flower shots! I think they are special...they have your signature...I think I would recognize them even if you didn't put your name in the photos:)