Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Today we spent a good chunk of our day at the mall! I'm a procrastinator and wait last minute to do most things, I guess I work better under pressure. Sure I'll go with that. Any who I needed to get Tess her birthday present! After spending almost an hour designing her gift, and apologizing for how particular I was many times we finalized what she was getting!

Cyrus and I headed to do a little bit of shopping, and of course have a Tutti Frutti date while we waited for our sweatshirts to be made up!

We spent the evening having dinner, and celebrating Tess' birthday!


  1. What happened to not going home and editing lol!! From the bottom of my heart you are the best friend anyone.could ever have!! You always make my birthday incredibly special. Thank you thank you thank you xoxo. Also great mall pix!! I love them :)

  2. Awe i love the mall pics, that was a awesome idea to snap him while you were there. And yay she loved it! Tht was such a good idea, and so thoughtful! Now you guys can match and wear them when you do shoots together, or would that be weird?