Sunday, February 23, 2014


I spent today photographing one of the cutest little boys I've ever met, first birthday! I did his newborn pictures last year and was so honored when they contacted me to do his party! They're a really fun family! I even got to capture little D being sung Happy Birthday through facetime from his family in the Netherland's! How neat? I've yet to edit any of the photos, since I wanted to have some family time today, I'll dive into them tomorrow. 

So I sat around my house clicking useless things, then immediately deleting....I was getting so frustrated! Cyrus said Mom take a picture of this, and his whole face was lit up from the glow of the wood stove! He wins tonight! Thanks little man for helping Mommy get her blog done tonight! :o) I love you!


  1. Awe what a cutie! Can't wait to see the pics!

  2. Too cute!! I love the warm feel of the wood stove lighting.. I really like that you didn't turn it black and white because that would have been lost.. But the thing I love most is that Cyrus came up with the idea, its so adorable that he try to help with image ideas :) I love him soooo much! Also cant wait to see the pix from yesterdays party!!

  3. Love this!!!!!!!! I love how warm it is.