Saturday, February 1, 2014


Today we celebrated my nephew's 8th birthday! He had a fun, crazy swimming party with all his friends at the YMCA, then we went back to his house for dinner and cupcakes! Oh and because I'm the best Auntie EVER I got him the best gift....the rainbow loom!I have a special place in my heart for this little boy. I was 17 when he was born, doing my internship at the local elementary school when I got a message from my dad saying your sister really needs you, the little groundhog has decided to arrive! I rushed to the hospital with a chocolate shake in hand for the laboring Momma and was so excited to meet this little man! His birth was amazing, and something I'll never forget. I was very blessed to be apart of all my nephew's births, but his was extra special. He and I have such a special bond, that could never be replaced, I hope as he gets older our relationship doesn't fade, because he means the world to me. I hope he knows I'll always be here for him, a tight hug, a listening ear whatever he needs and I hope he knows he can always come to me especially when he doesn't feel like he has anyone! Happy Birthday, a day early, Anthony. I love you!


  1. Love the pool pix with Jay.. The water droplets are awesome :) also the first cake pix is super great.. So happy your back in blog land.. I've missed ya ;)

    1. Thank you! Those are my favorite too!! Its nice to be caught up, I'm ready to not be so busy but that doesn't look to promising this month! ;(

  2. Awe these pics are amazing.I love how much you love your nephews, you're a really great auntie

  3. Also yay Cyrus big boy! How awesome is it that he swam all by himself! ? So cool!